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Transportation Employment Management Services
Request For Proposals and Specifications ("RFP")

Saranac Community Schools invites proposals for the provision of employment and comprehensive personnel management services for licensed and trained school bus drivers.

Proposals are due at the Saranac Community Schools Administration office, 88 Pleasant Street, Saranac, MI 48881 no later than November 7th, 2014 at 12:00 p.m.

This process is in compliance with Sections 623a, 1267, and 1274 of the Revised School Code.  For the 2014-15 fiscal year, all expenditures covered by Section 1267 (construction, renovation, repair, or remodeling) that exceeded $23,126 and all expenditures covered under Sections 623a and 1274 (procurement of supplies, materials, and equipment) that exceeded $23,126 were required to be competitively bid (See September 25, 2014 Michigan Department of Education notice).


Back The Track...

The Saranac community track needs help. Community members want to spread the word in hopes to raise awareness and money to redo the local track.  When one thinks about a track, most people think of the sport, track and field. However, it really is used by so many community members. Our elementary "mileage club" utilizes the track for their timed miles. The younger ones also participate in our summer running club right along with their older siblings and peers. The track is a vital part of the community and is used by neighbors, whether to get in a run or walk with friends.  Please help by donating and passing the word.

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Summer Running Club

Summer Running Club with Coach Smith

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