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...through its strong community involvement, will provide an education for all students which enables them to become contributing, productive members of society.

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Saranac's Top Academic Students for the Graduating Class of 2016

These students have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.60 or higher.

Front Row: Madelyn Miller, Mariah Hill, Jacqueline Fountain,
Kalynn Johnson, Sally Moon (valedictorian), Margaret Price
Back Row: Kaelyn Hale, Brianna Bergy, Tyler Tribbett, Branden Smith,
Kyle VanSpronsen, Andrew Priest (salutatorian), Josephine Manion

Graduation Ceremony

Sunday, June 5th | 2:00 pm


Inclement Weather Make Up Day for 2015-16 School Year.
Monday June 13, 2016 has been added to the school year calendar to be compliant with requirements from the State of Michigan.
Read the Parent Letter here

Saranac Community Schools 2016 MHSAA Scholar Athlete Scholarship Nominees

Left to right Branden Smith, Josie Manion, Madelyn Miller, Mariah Hill, and Andrew Priest.

2016-17 Great Start Readiness Program Enrollment

GSRPWe are seeking children who will be 4 before December 1 for the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP).  GSRP is a state funded preschool program that supports children's social-emotional, language, motor, self-help and academic skills to prepare them for kindergarten. There are income requirements however, it is based upon family size and we are allowed to serve some children that are over-income.  If you have a child that will be 4 by December 1, 2016 fill out the preschool application or call 1-616-522-1410 to see if your child can be a part of this high quality pre-kindergarten program!  The GSRP program is operated by the Ionia Intermediate School District in Cooperation with the local school district.


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 If you are interested in being a substitute,

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Updated Bullying Policy

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Staff Letter

It's time for some fundraising at the Elementary!

Parent Letter
Directions for online setup


2015-16 Elementary School Supplies List

The new school supplies list is available for your use HERE.

2015-16 School Year Calendar

The School Board adopted the 2015-16 calendar.  Here is a copy for your reference.

This is a text version of those critical dates for the 2015-16 school year.

letter explaining the Early Release Collaboration and Work Days that SCS utilizes.

Staff, Student and Familes Device Purchasing 

As a participating district in the State of Michigan's Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG), there is an opportunity for personal purchases at deeply discounted prices.

Attached is the flyer from the program.  There are many options for desktops, laptops and Chromebooks to be purchased for personal use.
Enjoy the summer (and save some $$ too)

Students With A Goal (SWAG)

  Teachers Sara Serne and Diana Smith led the organization of the 2-day SWAG (Students With A Goal) event.   Our Juniors in the 2013-14 school year were challenged to achieved scores above the State average on their ACT tests. Those students who achieved a score higher than the State average, would not have to take 2nd semester final exams.  That meant that the Juniors not taking exams no longer had to participate in reviews, so there were two additional days of non-instruction for them.  SWAG was created to allow students to plan and execute some service learning activities during the two day prior to exams.  For the 2014-15 school year Cathy Cooper (3rd Grade) jumped on board to allow her students to participate.  Connie Hamilton was able to secure some grants and the students spent 2nd semester planning. 
  The results were overwhelming.  Tied-dyed shirts made for the students, a mural painted at the elementary, bird houses built and placed at the nature park, 9-square and 4 square equipment made, care packages for Saranac high school alumni who are in the armed services  and most importantly, relationships developed and a sense of pride and accomplishment by all involved. 


 Many of you may have already heard but we wanted to be sure to pass on to everyone the exciting news that our High School Destination Imagination team has made it to Globals.  This is the first time a Saranac team has ever made it to this level of competition.  The students on this team are:  Isaac Hooker, Julianna & Audra Hawkins, Laensa Dibaba and Bethany Steele.  Their team manager is Lisa Hooker and April Steele is our D.I. Coordinator.  

Globals competition is in Knoxville, TN at the University of Tennessee, May 20-23. faEFREQUEST FOR