Saranac Community Schools Athletics

Athletic Director: Jason Ricket Athletics Event Coordinator: Don Videtich
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Athletes, Coaches, and Fans are reminded that they are frequently before the public and that their actions may either enhance or downgrade the public’s general opinion of athletes and athletics. Athletes, Coaches, and fans should strive for the type of behavior and quality of character that will make them a credit to their team, school, and community.


In school, out of school, and out of town, the conduct of the highest degree should be the goal of all athletes and/or spectators. Courtesy and sportsmanship will be extended to all opponents, officials, or persons in authority at all times. The following are unacceptable behavior as outlined and will result in action taken by the athletic director and/or his designee.

-Use of inappropriate language
-Flagrant or illegal use of physical force
-Damage to property at any school
-Disrespect for any coach, official, opponent, etc.


The pay-to-participate fee of $100.00 per year/per athlete ($300.00 family cap) covers all school-sponsored sports. School-sponsored sports include Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track, and Cross Country at the JV and Varsity levels.

Pay-to-participate fees for self-funded sports are established by the individual coaches. Self-funded sports include Golf, Cheerleading and ALL 7th & 8th-grade sports.