Block S

After considering input from staff and a handful of parents, the decision has been made to cancel first semester exams. Given the issues with the roads, current lack of heat in the JSH building, pipes bursting, two half days that no longer serve their original intent and sloppy weather forecasted for early next week, we could reasonably be dragging exams out through the end of next week or early the following week if we persisted. 

Knowing that some students may need an exam to pass a class and earn credit, the opportunity will be provided for students who need to take exams to do so in proctored sessions after school (dates and times TBD). 

An extension of deadlines for current Edgenuity and MVS online courses will be granted (dates and times TBD). Students will need to complete tests and exams on campus with a staff member proctoring. 

Staff will discuss and determine if any carryover of exemptions to the second semester will be allowed.