Food Science

Thank  you very much to all of the staff, students, parents and community members who helped support the efforts of Mrs. Dahms' Food Science class (pictured) to help raise money for the Saranac Food Pantry this holiday season.  

The class organized a bake sale and building-wide "change wars" to raise funds to help local families in need.  Mr. Josh Smith's 8th Grade History class won the "change wars" with the highest positive total (change counted as positive points and bills and checks counted as negative points), as the classes competed to raise their own totals by adding change to their buckets or bring down another class's total by adding bills/checks to their buckets. 

In total, over $1,600 was collected in change and bills.  Dr. Douma and some of his friends contributed a check for $2,300 to add to that total.  The bake sale added almost $1,000 to the grand total of $4,897.21 collected for the Saranac Food Pantry.