Welcome to the International Travel Club Home Page!!

The goal of the International Travel Club is to give students the opportunity to travel internationally. It is the belief of the club that exposure to different cultures and seeing sites first hand that they have studied in school are invaluable experiences to the students. The club is open to all students grades 7-12 who would like to participate in these trips. The group will raise funds through group activities and individually to pay for the trip. Meetings for the club will not intrude during instructional time. Items that would be discussed at the meetings include decisions, fund raising events, and preparations pertaining to the planned trip.


The next trip is planned for the near future!  

Anyone interested in joining should contact Mr. Simpson at the High School.

Click on the following pictures to see logs of the past trips of the International Travel Club

2017 Travel Club

2017 The Best of the British Isles

2014 Travel Club
2002 Australia & New Zeeland trip