The Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) is crafted around the philosophical belief that all students will need
postsecondary learning opportunities beyond high school. It is not a curriculum in the traditional sense in that it doesnโ€™t
describe instructional materials and approaches. Instead it specifies that all students who earn a diploma, at a minimum,
have demonstrated proficiency with the content outlined by the state academic standards or guidelines. Since districts
are responsible for awarding diplomas so too are they responsible for providing all students the opportunity to learn the
content outlined by the standards. As the learning skills for college and the workplace have merged, the MMC, if
properly implemented, will prepare students with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in our global
economy and workplace. It supports the need for personalization, acceleration, and innovation in an atmosphere of high
expectations and high support for students.

Our Personalย Curriculum for the JR/SR High is located in PAGE 2 of our JR/SR High Handbook
Located HERE