Monday, November 14th, the JSH will be hosting Jeff Edwards, Board Chairman of the Southeast Michigan Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 
Mr. Edwards will be conducting four assemblies throughout the day for students, staff and parents. We have established the following schedule. All assemblies will take place in the JSH auditorium. The 6th grade students will be attending the middle-level assembly.
12:40 PM – 9th through 12th grade students
1:40 PM – 6th through 8th grade students
3:15 PM – Staff
6:00 PM – Parents and community members
Parents and community members should please feel free to join us for the 6:00 PM presentation. If you have any questions or concerns about the assemblies, please feel free to contact either Mr. Leader or Mr. Smith via email or at 642-1100 (JSH) or 642-1200 (Elementary).